Questions and pictures about Prague for your entertainment

Let us offer you some pictures of Prague with some question for real Prague lovers.

Above each picture, you will find questions and answer is placed right below it.

You see in the picture ...

a/ Prague Jewish Town

b/ Prague Castle

c/ Vyšehrad fortress

prazsky hrad edge 


Correct answer: b/ Prague Castle


You´re right my see Prague castle even in this picture. But, there´s something wrong. The cathedral lacks the left side tower. It´s true. My question is ... at what century you could have looked at the Prague castle like this ... in other words /lacking the tower/

a/15th century

b/ 19th century

c/ 20th century

prazsky hrad bez vezi 

Correct answer: b/ 19th century.... The tower we could not have seen in the picture was erected in the beginning of 20th century in neogothical style. The surrounding buildings which look very compact, they date back to 18th century in which the empress Marie Therese made big castle rebuilding...